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About Operam Healthcare

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve healthcare by enhancing the healing relationship that people have with their doctors.

Service Commitment

Operam is a latin word for collaborate.  Operam Healthcare is dedicated to helping people take charge of their health care by working together with their doctors for enhanced health and healing.  Collaboration starts with listening.  We listen carefully so we can help each client effectively explain their medical story, their goals and their values to their doctors.  We patiently explain what each client needs to know about the science behind their health, disease, or condition, and about the risks, benefits, alternatives, and unknowns of the tests or treatments that their doctors prescribe.  By helping our clients work together confidently with their doctors, we help them get the best care possible.

Importance of Collaborationhealthcare-advocacy-puzzle-pieces

Operam Healthcare is built upon a solid foundation of nearly 40 years of experience in healthcare.  As the founder, Anthony Cusano grew and developed in his vocation, he realized that collaboration was the heart of medicine

In his field of Nephrology he worked every day in a highly technological system caring for patients with severe and complex organ failure.  He witnessed the power of collaboration to help people overcome the difficulties their illnesses created, or to help them prevent their illnesses from advancing.

While grateful for the amazing advances in medical science and technology over his 40-year career in medicine, over the past several years he has witnessed the deterioration of collaborative relationships in healthcare.  As technology has advanced and grown more expensive, the pressure to be more efficient has made it harder for doctors, caregivers, and patients to spend the time and energy needed to sustain strong relationships.  The result is that individual patients often have a hard time working well together with their doctors to enhance their health and healing.

Endless Opportunities

The problems are multitude:

  • The time that doctors and patients spend together is fragmented and diminished.
  • Hospitalized patients are rarely seen by their own primary care physician.
  • Multiple pieces of a patient’s narrative may be lost or garbled by the multitude of handoffs that the patient must endure as they navigate the healthcare system.
  • Standards developed for “cost-effective” care apply to groups of patients, but don’t necessarily work well for many individual patients.
  • Doctors under pressure to adhere to standards so they can be more efficient and save money for the system often overlook individual patient goals and values, or alternatives to expensive or risky medications or technology that standards promote.

More than ever, people need an expert by their side to help guide them.  With their physicians under increasing time and financial stress, it is difficult for patients to get the help they need to make and execute healthcare decisions that fit their goals and values. If your doctor is not fully listening, fully explaining or fully collaborating with you, Operam Healthcare can help.

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Operam Healthcare adheres to the healthcare industry standards to protect your privacy.  We will not share any of your personal information with anyone that you don’t ask us to.


We offer no cost consultations to best understand your needs.

“Tony Cusano stayed by us through our Dad’s harrowing illness.  He was able to keep our doctor updated on important  changes in our Dad’s condition that we couldn’t easily convey, and he kept us informed on the changes in his diagnosis, prognosis and treatments that his doctors made.  He helped us to understand what was happening.  When we had to make some difficult decisions about which paths to take for his care, he patiently walked us through the possible options, and what each would entail.  He gave is great insight in how to think about the risks, benefits, alternatives and unknowns of each decision.  I can’t say enough about the confidence and peace Tony brought to us as we worked through the stages of his illness.”
- DW