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Do you feel bewildered after a visit to the doctor?  Do you feel unsure that your treatment plan is right for you?  Do you feel like you don’t have control of the decisions your doctor makes for you?   I have seen many patients who have felt that way, and often they were right about something their doctor had overlooked or not understood about them or their treatment decision.

In its drive to reduce costs, the healthcare financing system has moved from a goal of enabling individuals to receive affordable, high quality care to a goal of treating populations to maximize the benefits and minimize costs for the group being covered.  More and more doctors are paid for the value they bring to the entire population they treat, rather than for treating the patient sitting in the office with them.

It is more critical than ever to ask the right questions of your doctor to assure that your care is the right care for you as an individual, not just the care that follows the guidelines designed to work cost-effectively for a larger group.

Our course on how to collaborate in your medical decisions introduces the concepts you need to take charge of your healthcare in this changing environment.

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