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This very well written review of scientific issues regarding complementary and alternative medicine reminds us of the challenges in making good medical decisions when medical science is incomplete.

The author points to one study of an asthma remedy that improved breathing symptoms without changing lung function. That could lead to fatal consequences,

Yet, as author Andrew Solomon says In this wise and humorous story of how exorcism can cure depression, “for depression, if I can stand on my head and jump up and down three times and feel better, that works.”

Conditions that involve less pathology than symptomatology are perfect for traditional remedies. But seemingly harmless remedies that relieve symptoms without improving the underlying pathology can be very dangerous.

We encourage you to take charge of your health care. We also advise rigorous evaluation of the benefits, risks, alternatives and unknowns of any treatment, whether the science behind it is rigorous, or weak.

We can help you find information or sort out the information you have.

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