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A large and rigorous study to look an the question of whether aspirin makes sense for older people to prevent cardiovascular events raises serious questions about its benefits and risks.

The study showed more risk than benefit, and found more death from cancer in those using aspirin. This raises great concern that previous positive studies were statistical flukes.

Unfortunately, The way medical statistics are used by medical scientists leads to most medical studies turning out to be wrong.

This is another spectacular example of why you should make a careful and collaborative evaluation of the benefits, risks, alternatives and unknowns of every medical decision.

The use of single chemicals to alter the human body, Even those found in natural sources like willow bark and other traditional medicinal plants which contain the main ingredient of aspirin, has some merit, but may make little sense for many people.

If you want to learn more about how to evaluate medical studies, or to collaborate with your doctor better to make good medical decisions, we can help.

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