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The culture of medicine has blinded many doctors to the substantial risks of taking the powerful fluoroquinolone antibiotics. They are effective, generally well tolerated, and appear quite safe.

But the FDA has ramped up its warnings to avoid using them when alternatives are available. Unfortunately, many of those have their own risks and tolerability issues. Doctors like the simplicity that using Fluoroquinolone antibiotics provides.

The only way to be sure you or a loved one is taking the best medication for a routine, or even a complex infection is to collaborate with your doctor to make a shared decision that accounts for all of the benefits, risks, alternatives and unknowns. It seems like a lot for a sinus infection, but as the article shows, it’s critical to assure that your doctor has listened to and considered your individual values and goals.

If you’re not sure if or how to ask, we can coach, educate and advocate.

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