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Over our long careers, we at Operam Healthcare have promoted sensible weight training and cardiovascular exercise as one of the most fundamental self-management practices for staying healthy and preventing a multitude of illnesses and their complications.
And so as we all collectively celebrate the symbolic end of one run around the sun and set off on a new adventure in orbit, we would like to share this Joyful report from NPR describing the benefits of exercise, and providing some simple, sensible advice on how to engage in it.
We would add one thought, which is to take every opportunity to lift, push, and pull some weight around in your everyday life; gardening, yard work, taking stairs, carrying groceries, doing some cleaning chores, hiking up and down hills, and even working small weights at your desk can engage those muscles that will keep your mind-body strong and in a healthy and harmonious biological rhythm.

Then, when you visit your doctor, be sure to review how exercise fits into any treatment plan they have for you. That will often change the balance of your medical decisions.  It is a powerful way to collaborate with your doctor for your health.

And so Happy New Year.  Let’s hope it’s a good one.

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