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This Story from NPR about a risky and not fully tested medical procedure approved by the FDA but marketed using the “sexy” title of “vaginal rejuvenation procedure” provides a great example of why it is important to take charge of your own health decisions.

It’s important to make medical decisions together with a doctor who fully explains the benefits, risks, alternatives and unknowns of any treatment.

If a doctor does not spend the time to do that with you then you cannot fully share in the decision.

It is deceptive marketing to “presuade” a patient using anticipatory guidance by calling a medical procedure “rejuvenation”, a concept that creates a strong cognitive bias that changes the way a person thinks about a decision.

The term “vaginal rejuvenation” is such a marketing technique. Even the most honest and unbiased doctor cannot undo the cognitive bias created by the name of the procedure. A wise decision becomes more difficult to make.

Add a doctor who profits from the decision and does not listen carefully to thoroughly investigate the underlying problem, as happened with the patient who actually had ovarian cancer, and it’s a formula for bad medicine.

Be aware of how good medical science is rigorously applied, and how cognitive bias can subvert it’s application.

We can coach you to help you make good medical decisions with your doctors.