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Medical uncertainty.

Incomplete science is a major problem that you and your doctors must grapple with. That means sorting out the risks, benefits, alternatives and unknowns of every medical decision.

While medical science has advanced rapidly over the past 100 years, medicine is not a science like engineering. Engineers build bridges that rarely fail because they use well-tested science. The best medical treatments can still fail because of the uncertainties that haunt medical science. Doctors can’t hurt or destroy the objects of their study the way physicists can, so it’s a lot harder for them to fully test their science. Plus, as with all human endeavors, medical science is susceptible to the confusion created by biases and emotions, as the attached article about the uncertainties of fats in our food nicely shows.

Doctors should present the science behind their decisions to help manage the risks,benefits, alternatives and unknowns of their decisions with you. If your doctors don’t have the time to fully explain their plans, we can help you interpret and analyze the science, and the risks, benefits, alternatives and unknowns with your doctors. We help you collaborate so you can direct the medical choices you and your doctor make together.

It’s your health. We help you take charge of it. Contact us via email or call for more information on how.

Check out the NY Times article to learn more.