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“…Those teaching or communicating science — and those learning and listening — would need to understand and embrace uncertainty right along with the scientific community. “I’m not sure how we do that,” says Haaf. “What people want from science is answers, and sometimes the way we report data should show [that] we don’t have a clear answer; it’s messier than you think…”

This article from science news provides an understandable explanation of the uncertainty behind many medical decisions.

The science doctors use is inherently uncertain. The culture of modern medicine and society longs for certainty. The art of medicine should be about navigating together the uncertainty of the science to make good decisions on how best to apply treatments that have inherent risks, both known and unknown.

Such decisions must account for the values and goals of the individual patient. You should expect a full education about the benefits, risks alternatives and unknowns of any decision, and as the article shows, it should account for the inherent uncertainties in the science.

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