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Diagnosis – Risks – Benefits – Alternatives – Unknowns – Safety

Every medical decision should account for those.  Doctors don’t have the kind of exact science that some professionals like engineers do.  When designing a bridge engineers can rely on precise formulas to create a structure that will rarely fail.  Because medical science is still imprecise, doctors must take definitive action with incomplete scientific knowledge.  Even the best medical decision carries risk for failure.  The right medicine can be dangerous or even fatal when a patient has an unpredictable or uncommon reaction to it.  Medical conditions have far too many variations for our current science to account for.

As healthcare has grown more complex, it has become difficult or sometimes even impossible for doctors to keep track of all of the variables that affect your health and your treatment decisions.   Doctors also have less and less time to get to know your own values and goals.  A good doctor will coach each patient on how they can best manage the risks, benefits, alternatives, unknowns and safety of tests for making a diagnosis, or treatments that enable healing.  Incomplete healthcare coaching can increase uncertainty, or cause unwanted risks and outcomes.  We have decades of experience collaborating with patients to make good medical decisions that they were in charge of.

We don’t provide your medical care, but we will help you assure that yours accounts your own goals and values, and addresses the risks, benefits, alternatives, unknowns and safety of every decision your doctors make with you.  We will also help you to execute those decisions safely and effectively.

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