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Your doctors should be listening to you, understanding your goals and values, and explaining the risks, benefits, alternatives, and unknowns of your care.

If your doctor does not fully discuss those with you, then you can’t make choices that fit your own goals and values.

Jan Vick Harris courageously published an account of what happened to her after a mammogram picked up a ductal carcinoma in situ, and she went forward with treatment decisions that she did not fully understand.  The account illustrates the critical importance of this process of care.  A link to the article is included below.

After reading her story, imagine if she could have had a discussion with her doctor before she had her mammogram. She would have been better prepared for dealing with the ensuing course of action that became confusing, unsatisfying and potentially harmful to her.

She needed that discussion, and her doctor listening to her thoughts, both before the mammogram, and before embarking on the uncertain course of treatment that her doctors prescribed.

If your doctors are not thoroughly discussing risks, benefits alternatives and unknowns with you, or they’re not listening carefully to your views on them, contact Operam Healthcare for a no cost consultation on how we can help.



You can read Jan Vick Harris story here